California is known for its incredible views along mountainous dirt path trails, gorgeous sunsets, and moderate weather– all necessities for the perfect hiking experience. One of the most sought after views is of the world-renowned Hollywood sign.

While from a distance the huge white letters seem unreachable, there are multiple hiking trails that will land you a priceless photo op. Check out our list of the best routes to the legendary landmark.

Hollyridge Trail

The Hollyridge Trail is the most crowded as its the easiest and will take you about 2 hours to complete. You don’t get a direct view as you are hiking behind the sign, but you’ll get so close you can almost touch it.

Brush Canyon Trail

While this route is no easy walk in the park with 6.4 miles to cover, the iconic views of the city can’t be beat. This is a day trip so be sure to pack light snacks and plenty of water. You’ll end behind the classic lettering.

Griffith Park

There are many ways to spot the Hollywood sign but Griffith Park allows you to kill two birds with one stone as the Griffith Observatory is another pitstop every L.A. visitor should experience. Avoid the stress of parking (you’ll spend half of your trip driving in circles) by taking the very convenient DASH bus. It meets at the Sunset/Vermont metro station and is only .50 cents (.35 cents with a metro TAP card).

Bronson Cave Trail

There are multiple trails that will take you either behind or in front of the sign with wondrous views along the way. Tread the Bronson Cave trail to walk through the infamous Bronson Cave which starred as the entrance to the Batcave in the 1960’s Batman tv series.

Burbank Peak Trail

If you’re a true adventurist, the Burbank Peak Trail is one of the toughest yet shortest paths and allows you to eye the beautiful “Wisdom Tree” that stands over Burbank Peak.

Not into hiking? Head to the Home Depot rooftop parking lot on Sunset Blvd for an amazing view or pull over as you drive down N Beachwood Drive.

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